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What is Time Management?

What is time-management?

Effective time management is a combination of skills and strategies that helps people manage their limited resources. These include setting goals, planning and analyzing progress, organizing tasks, delegating tasks and creating realistic timelines for work, home and leisure activities.

How to use your time effectively

A great way to begin using your time efficiently is to create a map of where you spend it. This will enable you to track where your time goes and how you can improve the efficiency of your work by using time management software.

Time management is also a critical skill for businesses, with executives citing time management as the second most important factor in their hiring process and one of the top three factors affecting company performance, according to an IBM survey [4]. Good time management can improve productivity and reduce stress levels in employees and managers. It also helps establish a work-life equilibrium.

Prioritizing your time is important.

Successfully managing your time means focusing on the most essential tasks first. If you’re trying to finish a project, or just complete your daily tasks, focus on the most important things.

How to categorize your tasks properly

The Getting Things Done Method, or GTD for short, is a popular technique of time management. It involves writing all the tasks on your list down and categorizing them. For example, category A is for the most urgent and important tasks; category B for less urgent or non-urgent.

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